President’s Message

Binod Sinha

Dr. Binod Sinha


President’s Acceptance Speech

New Jersey State AAPI chapter was formed to unite Indian Origin doctors from all different counties and different chapters of AAPI in New Jersey. There are about 10 AAPI chapters in New Jersey, 7 chapters are non-active there are more than 5000 Indian doctors in the state of New Jersey, my goal is to bring all chapters and doctors who has lost interest in AAPI together and to create a totally new forum and platform.
It’s very important to bring young generation to AAPI as they are the future of AAPI, we have to get them involved at different levels, mentor them to get interested and develop passion. We have to recognize their work and commitment and encourage them to be a part of AAPI. We have a every month agenda for this NJ State chapter AAPI to do CME on a regular basis, atleast 6 to 8 CMEs a year, social events, health care events, local community work and charity work.
We have to work together so this chapter earns the expected credibility and recognition by being transparent, open and very democratic. We have to have one of our members at the Board of Medical examiners. We want to get involved with the NJ state health department to help taking care of patients with no insurance. We have to our member at the NJ state board of medical examiners and it’s very important to be involved in local community by providing health education, prevention, screening for mental illness and counselling for chemical abuse. My vision is to make this chapter one of the best and the biggest chapter of national AAPI in the United States.

Dr Binod Sinha
President NJ State AAPI
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