About NJ State AAPI

Spring Gala Event Group picture March 2020

The New Jersey State AAPI Chapter was founded in November 2018 by a small group of visionary physicians Dr. Binod Sinha, Dr. Raj Bhayani, Dr. Kishore Ratkalkar and Dr. Hemant Patel, who wanted to bring together all the physicians who share the same value and commitment to provide service to patients at the highest quality and mentor the younger generation of physicians to take the chapter forward. We are an approved patron member chapter of national AAPI.


The Chapter aims to bring together Indian physicians to serve the patients with the highest quality heathcare and take steps to help patients without insurance with the necessary service.


Many have fostered personal relationships with members of Congress and the Board of Medical Examiners which is an invaluable asset to physician advocacy and ensuring patient-focused healthcare reform.


Our business partners can be assured of a receptive audience and, once engaged, a loyal client and ambassador of the chapter.