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Welcome to NJ State AAPI!

We are delighted to have you as a member and look forward to your active participation in all NJ State AAPI activities and strengthen our organization.

Membership Benefits

  • Education: We have Continued Medical Education (CME) every 1-2 months on various topics by top speakers from around the country

  • Community Service: Opportunity to raise funds and give back to the communities we live and work

  • Networking amongst fellow physicians who share our values and commitment to service

  • Leadership opportunities with NJ State AAPI and AAPI

  • Physician Advocacy, The NJ State AAPI has fostered strong relationship with the members of the government and the Board of Medical Examiners to improve the Healthcare service in the state

  • Participation in the growth of NJ State AAPI

  • Opportunity to market your practice online on the NJ State AAPI website

  • Physician Directory, market your practice to NJ physicians and patients

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Lifetime Membership

$50 / Lifetime
  • Education
  • Community Service
  • Networking
  • Leadership